What Are Square Dance Clubs?


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Square dance clubs are social organizations, usually local in nature, that allow people who enjoy modern Western square dancing as a recreational activity to get together and dance. Clubs have a caller who organizes the dancers.

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Square dance clubs give lessons to interested visitors in order to replenish their club numbers and organize dances as social engagement for its members. Sometimes, square dance clubs perform publicly at folk festivals. Some clubs have dress codes for its members consisting of Western-style long-sleeved shirts, dress pants and bolos for men, with some clubs requiring cowboy boots. Women are expected to wear a wide skirt with a puffy blouse in a bold solid or gingham design. Partners often wear matching or color-coordinated outfits.

Square dancing is a style of dance that involves eight dancers grouped into four pairs. Each couple stands facing the middle of a square. The caller announces the movements for the pairs, usually singing the calls in time with the music. Square dances vary and are based on traditional folk dances including Morris dance, English country dance and the quadrille. Square dancing became very popular in the United States in the 20th century leading to the founding of the modern Western square dance style.

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