How Do You Spray Paint Glass?

Glass can be spray painted with acrylic spray paint as long as it is treated with epoxy afterwards to set the spray paint and prevent chipping. Many stores carry paint that is specifically designed for use on glass and gives the painted item a frosted look. Standard spray paint designed for use on other surfaces is also effective.

Apply a light coat of spray paint to the glass, making sure that the paint does not collect or drip. Allow several hours for the first coat to dry, then apply a second coat. Repeat this process until the desired color is achieved. Let the final coat of paint dry, and then add an optional coat of frosted glass spray paint to give the item depth and texture. Finally, spray on a coat of epoxy to set the paint. Allow the epoxy to set according to the package directions before moving the glass.

If spray painting glassware that is intended to hold food, it is advised to avoid spraying any surface that food is placed on. Even after drying and sealing, spray paint can release harmful chemicals into food. Cover serving areas with plastic or cardboard during spray painting to avoid contamination.