Which Sports Does Univision Desportes Show?

Which Sports Does Univision Desportes Show?

Fútbol, or soccer, and Formula One racing are the sports that the Univisión Deportes Network primarily features. The network broadcasts fútbol from Mexico, other parts of Latin America, North America, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Univisión Deportes consistently broadcasts the Mexico national fútbol teams games and all football events that concern various local leagues, such as Liga MX, the highest competitive level of the Mexican fútbol league system, Copa MX and Ascenso MX. Each year, Univisión Deportes provides coverage of roughly 12 of 18 teams in the Mexican Primera Division, or Liga MX.

Univisión Deportes also broadcasts all competitive games of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association of Football. The CONCACAF champions automatically qualify for a chance at the World Cup, which Univisión Deportes also broadcasts. The CONCACAF hosts its own Gold Cup, biennially, also broadcast on Univisión Deportes.

The United States and Canada are members of CONCACAF, and Univisión Deportes shows selected Major League Soccer games concerning both countries in addition to games of the United States men´s national soccer team.

Univisión Deportes showcases a full season of Formula One racing each year, including approximately 20 annual races in as many countries, from March to November. Rounding out the remainder of programming from Univisión Deportes is a handful original of sports shows, such as "Univisión Deportes Fútbol Club," "Fútbol Central," "Fútbol en Serio," "Zona Tricolor" and "Ahi Va el Agua."