What Are Some Spiritual Poems for Women?


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Some spiritual poems for women include "A Godly Woman" and "A Strong Woman Vs. a Woman of Strength." Another spiritual poem for women that focuses on wisdom is "The Empowered Woman" by Sonny Carroll.

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"A Godly Woman" lists a variety of character traits that a woman of God possesses. The writer says that a Godly woman has both beauty and grace. A woman of God knows her life's purpose and destiny, and she lives her life with integrity. The writer closes by saying that a Godly woman walks in God's love no matter what happens in her life.

Similarly, in "A Strong Woman vs. a Woman of Strength," the writer makes contrasts between a woman that seeks physical health and a woman that seeks spiritual strength. While strong women show no fear, women of strength experience fear but press on courageously. A strong woman makes sure to avoid metaphorical falls in life, while a woman of strength trusts God to catch her each time that she falls. God loves the woman of strength throughout her life. A woman of strength believes that life's journey makes her strong.

In "The Empowered Woman," Carroll says that an empowered woman walks with grace. She says that life makes an empowered woman cautious. The empowered woman takes responsibility for her own life, and she confidently says what she believes is the truth. She is generous but gentle, having experienced both the good and bad in life. Finally, Carroll says that empowerment begins with each person.

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