What are some spiritual poems about baby boys?


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Some spiritual poems about baby boys are M.S. Lowndes' poem that says that says "God has really blessed you" with a baby boy and Lowndes' poem that "The Lord has blessed you once again." Another spiritual poem about baby boys begins with "A beautiful baby boy," also by M.S. Lowndes.

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Lowndes' poem that begins with "God has really blessed you with a baby boy" goes on to say that a baby boy is a gift of heaven. The poem expresses a hope that the baby may grow up to love and serve God. Similarly, Lowndes says in her poem beginning with "The Lord has blessed you once again" that a baby boy is a gift of love. The poem prays that the baby grows in Christian faith.

In "A beautiful baby boy," Lowndes says that Jesus finds the baby boy precious. Jesus provides grace for the boy. The poem ends by expressing a wish that the boy grows to be a man who seeks God's face.

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