What Special Powers Did the Greek Goddess Hera Have?

As Queen of the Olympians and wife of Zeus, Hera's special powers were varied and far-reaching; transmogrification, asexual reproduction, disguise, banishing mortals to Hades and the summoning of fierce and legendary creatures (such as Hydras and Dragons) were all attributed to her by various myths. She was considered the goddess of women and marriage, and to a lesser extent the skies. In depictions, although Hera is more difficult to identify than the other Olympian goddesses, she is typically seated wearing a crown and veil while holding a royal scepter.

Hera's power of asexual reproduction was largely retaliatory in response to Zeus' immaculate delivery of Athena. Her resulting son, Hephaestus, however, was deemed so ugly or lame that she (or Zeus, depending on the source) cast him out of heaven.

Hera demonstrates her powers of transmogrification on a number of occasions throughout the Greek myths; for example by turning Io into a cow and Callisto into a hunted bear. She also relocated the hundred eyes of Argos to the wings of a peacock.

Hera's wrathful nature is expressed through her punishment of Ixion who, for his audacious attempt to seduce the goddess, was tied to an eternally-spinning wheel in Hades. For the same crime, she chained Tityos to a rock to have his liver pecked out every day for eternity.