What Does Sparknotes Say About "Tartuffe"?


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As of 2016, SparkNotes does not have any information about "Tartuffe," the play written by Molière. However, CliffsNotes.com and eNotes.com offer summaries in addition to themes, characters and critical essays about the play.

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CliffsNotes summarizes the play as a story of a wealthy man named Orgon who is both financially and politically successful. He is a father to two children who want to marry, but live at the family home where Orgon resides. After their mother and his wife's death, Orgon remarries a young woman named Elmire. Because Orgon is insecure about his age, he becomes religious and befriends a man named Tartuffe while in church. Orgon, pleased by Tartuffe's devout beliefs, invites him to stay with the family.

Tartuffe seems to be concerned about Orgon's acceptance into heaven, causing Orgon to focus intently on solidifying his relationship with God. Orgon becomes so consumed with becoming pious that he fails to see that Tartuffe is using Orgon's vulnerabilities regarding his religion as a way to gain access to Orgon's riches. Though Orgon's family is aware of the deceiving nature of Tartuffe and they try to warn him, it becomes too late once Orgon signs his possessions away to Tartuffe under the false promise that Tartuffe will keep them safe. Luckily, the monarch exposes Tartuffe as a fraud, resulting in Tartuffe being sent to prison.

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