What Are Some Spanish Movies on YouTube?


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Examples of Spanish movies on YouTube include "La Vaca- Holy Cow" and "Chencho," as of 2015. The movie "La Vaca- Holy Cow" is offered in high definition quality and has English subtitles.

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"La Vaca- Holy Cow" is about the former lovers of a deceased eccentric millionaire. They both travel to Guatemala to claim their inheritances, not knowing about the specific stipulations. His will states that nobody receives any money until they get the his favorite cow to procreate. This results in a comedic story with family, friends and strangers all trying to get in on a big payday. During the chaos, the cow remains calm and waits for the "right bull."

"Chencho" is about a humble boy from Mexico named Chencho. He dreams of marrying a beautiful girl named Eloisa, but she is not at all interested in him. Avoiding the possibility of an arranged marriage, Eloisa runs away. Her close friend, Carmen, accompanies her to the United States.

Eloisa thought that her cousin in the United States would help her get a job, but he ends up wanting her to strip at his club. Chencho decides to not give up on his dreams and follows Chencho to the United States in hopes of winning her heart.

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