What spaghetti westerns did Clint Eastwood star in?


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Spaghetti western films starring American actor Clint Eastwood include ���A Fistful of Dollars,��� ���For a Few Dollars More��� and ���The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.��� Eastwood also starred in several films inspired by the spaghetti western genre, including ���Hang ���Em High,��� ���Two Mules for Sister Sara��� and ���High Plains Drifter.���

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Italian director Sergio Leone���s spaghetti western trilogy, released in 1964, 1965 and 1966, made Eastwood an international star. In all three films, Eastwood played a cigarillo-smoking, enigmatic bounty hunter and hired gun known as ���The Man with No Name.��� The films, known for their intense violence, unexpected camera angles and discordant music, are widely considered among the greatest westerns of all time.

In 1968���s "Hang ���Em High,��� Eastwood played a rancher, mistaken for a rustler and murderer, who was saved from a lynch mob by a marshal and deputized to track down the men who tried to hang him. The film was directed by Ted Post, who also directed Eastwood on the television show ���Rawhide.���

In the 1970 film, ���Two Mules for Sister Sara,��� Eastwood played a mysterious stranger who rescued a nun, played by Shirley MacLaine, and escorted her across the Mexican desert to blow up a fort. Eastwood played another mysterious stranger in the 1973 hit western, ���High Plains Drifter,��� which he also directed.

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