What Are Some Southern Gospel Christmas Songs?

Southern Gospel Christmas songs include "Joy to the World" by Isaac Watts, “Jingle Bells” by James Lord Pierpont, "Born in Bethlehem," "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "Amen." Other Southern Gospel Christmas songs include the popular "Winter Wonderland" by Felix Bernard, "White Christmas," which small children enjoy especially when it does snow on Christmas, "I'd Still Like to Go to Grandma's House for Christmas" and "Mary Wrapped a Present."

Southern Gospel is a wide-ranging music form in which traditional Christian hymns are sung a cappella over bluegrass or country music. Southern Gospel Christmas songs have grown from being a subset of the Christian music genre in the United States into their own category of popular music known and loved by people across the world.

Popular Southern Gospel Christmas songs such as “Glory to God in the Highest,” “Away in a Manger,” “Christ is Born” and “Silent Night” help create an atmosphere of peace and goodwill anywhere they are sung. Interestingly, many Southern Gospel Christmas songs have origins in Europe. However, over time the songs were adapted by Americans in Southern states and revamped in the typical traditional, jazz-like, very emotive, often a cappella gospel style of performance attributed to the South. These songs are traditionally sung by Christian adherents worldwide in the celebration of the Christmas season. However, their overwhelming popularity among the general public, including people of all faiths, makes them enjoyable choruses to join in the spirit of the festive season.