What Sort of Information Does the NTE Cross Reference Book Offer?

The NTE cross reference provides users of NTE semiconductors and components with information for selecting the parts that are best suited for their circuits, applications or projects. As of 2015, the Fourteenth Edition of the book includes an expanded optoelectronic section, new power MOSFETS, 22 new linear integrated circuits, 14 new bi-polar transistors, and new pink, purple and ultraviolet LEDs.

NTE started in 1979 as a local electronics supplier of only 10 replacement parts and grew to offer an expanded line of products. As of 2015, NTE is a national leader in the semiconductor supplier industry in the United States, with a global distribution network extending across the Americas and 49 countries around the world.

As of 2015, NTE cross references over 500,000 products, including AC-DC adapters, capacitors, fans, fuses and heat shrink tubing. Some of its numerous other products are relays, resistors and semiconductors.

As a result of its acquisition of the ECG division of Philips N.A., NTE has become a leading supplier of electronic components across the industrial, consumer and commercial marketplaces, as of 2015. Some of the products supplied through the ECG division for the consumer market include antenna rotors, chemicals, heat guns and infrared thermometers. Other products it offers through this division include solder irons and surge protectors.