What Are Some of the Songs Steve Perry Did With Journey?

Songs that Steve Perry did with Journey include "Wheel in the Sky," "Anyway You Want It" and "Don't Stop Believin'." He joined the band in 1977 and stayed until the group broke up in 1987. When the group got back together, Perry joined Journey again from 1995 to 1998.

Perry provided lead vocals for Journey and wrote multiple songs. His first album with the group was "Infinity," released in 1978. It featured the song "Lights," which Perry wrote. The group released its next album, "Evolution," in 1979, followed by "Departure" in 1980, "Escape" in 1981, "Frontiers" in 1983 and "Raised on Radio" in 1986. During that period it also released a live album, "Captured," and a Japanese movie soundtrack, "Dream, After Dream."

"Escape" is the band's most successful album as of 2015. Reaching number one on the Billboard charts, it claims three top-ten singles: "Open Arms," "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Who's Cryin' Now."

Perry's final album with Journey was its 1996 release, "Trial By Fire." The album was a success, but a hip injury prevented Perry from being able to tour. After over a year of waiting, the rest of the band gave Perry an ultimatum, and he chose to leave Journey.