What Are Some Songs a Mother Can Dedicate to Her Son?


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Lauren Hill's "To Zion" featuring Santana, Britney Spears' "My Baby," Alicia Keys' "Speechless," Shakira's "The One Thing" and Stone Temple Pilots' "A Song For Sleeping" are all examples of songs sung by artists specifically for their sons. All of these songs describe a parent's love for a child and are great for dedications from a mother to her son.

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Lauren Hill's "To Zion" describes the push she received to focus on her career instead of having the child and the joy she felt when she decided to follow her heart. She tells of how proud she was when she became a mother.

Britney Spears' "My Baby" was written for her two sons and is an ode to how they helped her get her life and career back on a positive path after a period of erratic behavior.

Alicia Keys' "Speechless" was written just weeks after the birth of her son and shows how motherhood became an overwhelmingly joyous occasion. Keys states that even her career seems secondary to her son.

Shakira's "The One Thing" is about both her son and his father and how they are the best things in her life no matter how good or bad her life may become.

Stone Temple Pilots' "A Song For Sleeping" is a lullaby to lead singer Scott Weiland's son. It is a song about what the future may bring for both parent and child.

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