What Are Some Songs With Girl Names in the Title?

What Are Some Songs With Girl Names in the Title?

Numerous hit songs feature female names in their titles, including "Help Me Rhonda," "Roxanne" and "Sweet Caroline." Michael Jackson made Billie Jean a household name in 1983 with his hit song. The Recording Industry Association certified "Billie Jean" as platinum as one of the best selling singles of the year,

"Help Me Rhonda" became one of the Beach Boys' biggest hits. The chart-topping single was featured on the "Summer Days and Summer Nights" album released in 1965.

Sting belts out his feelings to Roxanne in one of the Police's most popular songs. Released in January of 1979, band members came up with the lyrics for "Roxanne" while walking in the red light district of Paris.

Rap fans recognize Roxanne from the 1984 UTFO hit "Roxanne Roxanne." The song spawned a number of response raps that became known as the Roxanne Wars.

Neil Diamond sang to "Sweet Caroline" in a song that continues to inspire karaoke lovers. Released in 1969, fans commonly believed that the song was written about President John F. Kennedy's daughter. Diamond later explained that he wrote the hit about his wife Marsha. He needed a three-syllable name to fit the rhythm, and he chose the name Caroline.