What Are Some Songs on the "Chill N Soda" CD?


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“Persina Americana” and “Nada Personal” are some songs featured on the “Chill N Soda” album. “Chill and Soda” is a tribute album to Argentine rock band Soda Stereo and features 12 of the band’s songs. The Soda Stereo songs are performed by various artists, including Mecca and Super 8. As of 2015, Apple iTunes and Amazon.com allow users to purchase and download the entire album.

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In 1982, Soda Stereo formed with Gustavo Cerati and Hector Zeta Bosio in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Both band members shared similar musical tastes and soon recruited drummer, Carlos Ficcichia. The band later recorded demos and began playing in Buenos Aires with other bands, such as Sumo and Los Twist. Soda Stereo began to attract more attention and later released its debut album in 1984.

From the 1980s to 1990s, Soda Stereo achieved international success by releasing several more albums and touring around the world. In 1997, the band officially announced its separation through a press release. Following the separation, each member began its own musical endeavors until reuniting in 2007. The Soda Stereo reunion tour sold out many of its shows in various countries, including Argentina and the United States. In 2010, Cerati suffered a stroke while touring and passed away in 2014.

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