How Do You Find a Song Title?

How Do You Find a Song Title?

To find a song title, use a mobile application, such as Shazam, MusicID or Midomi, while the song is playing. You can also enter the song's lyrics into a lyric database, such as or, to view songs with matching lyrics, as of June 2015.

Shazam and MusicID use music fingerprinting technology to match audio to songs in each application's database. Use either by starting the application when the song is playing. After finding a match, each application provides information about the song, including the title, artist and lyrics.

Shazam also stores television shows and advertisements in its database. Use Shazam while watching television to get more information about the show or advertisement. The application may also have special offers.

Midomi is available online and as a mobile application. You can use it while a song is playing, or you can mimic the song's melody by singing or humming.

To use or, go to either site, enter the lyrics in the search bar and perform a search. Both sites provide a list of songs with matching or similar lyrics. They also each provide the option to search for the lyrics in song names, artist names and album names. provides the music video for the song, if it's available.