What Is the Song From the Lincoln Commercial?

The song from the latest Lincoln commercial as of December 2015 is "Au Bar du Petit Bac" by Miles Davis. The instrumental song plays in the background of the commercial promoting the 2016 Lincoln MKX, featuring Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey driving the vehicle through the city streets at night.

"Au Bar du Petit Bac" is a jazz tune that was first released in 1958 as part of the album "Jazz Track." The first side was also used as the soundtrack for the French movie "L'Ascenseuer Pour l'Echafaud." The song was again released in 1989 for Miles Davis' album "Compact Jazz: Miles Davis" and as part of jazz album compilations "Barjazz" in 1994 and "Cool Talkin' Verbe" 1997, which featured various artists.