What is the song "Candle in the Wind" about?


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The song "Candle in the Wind" is about the Hollywood life and untimely death of Marilyn Monroe. The writer of the lyrics, Bernie Taupin, says that, although Monroe is named in the song, the same basic story applies to many celebrities who die young.

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The song, made popular by Elton John, starts out saying good-bye to Norma Jean, the real first name of Marilyn Monroe. It goes on to talk about all she gave up, her identity included, to become famous. It mentions the loneliness she endured and the fact she didn't have anyone in her Hollywood life she could trust.

Her life became fragile, as unpredictable as a candle in the wind. The price she paid for fame was having few in her life to love her for herself and then to die an early death.

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