How Does Someone Register to Win Spin ID on "Wheel of Fortune"?

As of April 2015, viewers of "Wheel of Fortune" who want to enter the nightly sweepstakes for $5,000 need to register through the Wheel of Fortune website to receive a personal spin ID; the popular game show displays individual spin IDs nightly, Monday through Saturday. If a member sees a matching number on the show, they have 24 hours to go to the Wheel of Fortune website and use the online confirmation tool.

The confirmation process consists of a member entering the winning ID, account information and a password into the "Check SPIN ID" form. If the results come back as a match, questions about contact information are asked so members can be contacted regarding payment.

Registration involves entering personal details, a valid address and phone number and an email address into the game show's automated system and confirming a new account by email. Once active, a spin ID will be issued.

Some third party sites have developed a service that lets "Wheel of Fortune" members sign up for notification if a listed spin ID is shown on a nightly episode. The Wheel Trackers website offers a subscription service and promises to quickly notify its members by phone, text or email in the event that a registered spin ID is displayed. The service costs $19.99 a year.