How Does Someone Draw a Ladybug?

How Does Someone Draw a Ladybug?

Ladybugs can be drawn easily using simple shapes like circles, ovals and straight lines. Drawing ladybugs can be a great learning experience for young children, not only in shapes but for learning about wildlife as well. For older aspiring artists, the basic ladybug outline can be elaborated with careful shading.

To draw a ladybug, a pencil and paper are required. Follow the steps below to draw the basic outline.

  1. Draw the main body
  2. Draw a large, round oval in the center of the page, leaving enough space around the outside for the legs.

  3. Draw the front legs
  4. At one end of the oval body draw a pair of tapering, spike-like legs. They should face away from the other end of the oval.

  5. Draw the eyes and a second set of legs
  6. Between the two front legs, draw two small ovals as the ladybug's eyes. From either side of the oval's midsection, draw another pair of legs, this time facing out from the body.

  7. Draw the head and back legs
  8. Connect the eyes to each other and the body using a single line, which should be semi-circular when complete. Then add a third pair of legs at the other end of the oval, this time facing in the opposite direction to the first.

  9. Decorate the body
  10. Split the body in two with a dividing line and draw a symmetrical pattern of large circular shapes between the two sides.

  11. Add antennae
  12. Finally add two antennae projecting from the top of the head and admire your finished drawing.