What Social Media Accounts Are Connected to the "Dr. Phil" Show?

What Social Media Accounts Are Connected to the "Dr. Phil" Show?

Four major social media accounts are connected to the "Dr. Phil" television show, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each account has regular updates, as of March 2015. Links to the show's official social media accounts are found on the official website for Dr. Phil McGraw's television show.

The Pinterest page features 11 boards and 185 pins. Main boards include pictures of family, memorable moments and celebrity guests on the show. The family board contains pictures of McGraw's wife, children and grandchildren. Pictures of celebrity guests include Seth Rogen, Barbara Streisand and Queen Latifah.

The Facebook account gets daily updates. Some posts ask viewers to be on the show if they have certain issues in their lives, such as a controlling mother, grown children who are bullies and sibling rivalries gone too far. McGraw posts links to advice columns, articles and ways to seek psychological help.

McGraw's Twitter account has videos, ideas for future shows and video clips of recent airings. The television personality also re-tweets other relevant posts, such as those from his wife's foundation. As of March 2015, McGraw has nearly 5,500 tweets and more than 1.36 million followers.

The Instagram page contains personal photographs, inspirational images and sayings pertinent to McGraw's show. The Instagram account and Pinterest page are not updated as often as Facebook and Twitter. All four accounts let fans follow and interact with the author.