What Does a Smiley Face Clip Art Mean?


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Smiley face clip art is used to signify happiness or other positive moods. It is used to show meaning of words when speaking online so that people can understand the tone of the words.

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Smiley faces are used for many different reasons. One of these reasons is to soften the blow of a critique, according to Buffer. The smiley face helps show that the critiques had good intentions with what they were saying.

Smiley faces are also used to appear friendly in conversations. Sometimes, it's hard to tell whether someone means something sarcastically online, and a smiley face can help the perception of a conversation. This is especially seen in emails. The negativity effect in email is a phenomenon where the recipient is more likely to see the email as negative. Adding a smiley face will make the email seem more friendly, according to Buffer.

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