What Are Some Facts About Slugterra's Burpy?


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Burpy is an Infurnus slug that belonged to Doctor Blakk before Will Shane possessed and left him to his son Eli, reports Wikia.com. Burpy has an orange skin color like the other Infurnus slugs, but changes appearance slightly after evolving to a Mega Morph.

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Burpy was part of Will Shane's weapons before Eli possessed him. Eli made Burpy the general to his army of slug buddies, according to Wikia.com. Being an Infurnus slug, Burpy can create a small flame for use as a light in dark spots, for signaling or for lighting a campfire. Burpy is an extra rare type of slugs that uses unique moves like Fire Wall, and can survive exposure to magma or lava.

Burpy is an excellent slug used by his master Eli to defeat opponents such as Pronto in "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1," indicates Wikia.com. Burpy also helps Eli to win in episodes such as "The World Beneath Our Feet Part 2" and "The Slugout," where he eliminates most of the slugs.

The slug reaches 200 miles per hour in the "Upgrade" episode and changes to a Mega Morph, thus boosting his powers. At this speed, Burpy gains the ability to punch his enemies, says Wikia.com. Burpy is friendly and encourages new slugs like Rookie when he gets into trouble.

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