How Do You Sketch a Rose?

How Do You Sketch a Rose?

How Do You Sketch a Rose?

Roses are beautiful flowers often used to symbolize love and romance. Drawing one of these intricate blossoms requires attention to detail and a steady hand.

  1. Draw the base of the rose

    Start by drawing a very curvy "S" as the center of the rose. Give it a curl at the top and a wide base.

  2. Draw the inner petals

    Along the curves of the "S," draw curved petals with pointed tips. It's important that the inner curves of the petals line up with the curves of the "S." These curves should vary in size, with the smallest being closest to the base and the largest being closest to the outside of the rose. Maintaining an accurate perspective of the drawing's proportions gives it the appearance of a real rose.

  3. Draw the outer petals

    Sketch more petals, making them larger and more full-looking than the inner petals. Once the rose itself is finished, draw three small leaves. These leaves should be about equal distance from one another around the circumference of the rose.

  4. Shade the rose

    Shading serves to add more definition and a realistic touch. After touching up the rose drawing and cleaning up any mistakes, begin shading. Use the crosshatching technique, which involves drawing thin lines crossing over each other. Shade the rose and the leaves, paying close attention to the lighting and shadows on the rose. The shading should mimic these lights and shadows. Imagine where the light would be coming in and which areas of the rose would receive the most light and the least. It helps to look at an actual rose, whether real or synthetic. Once you are satisfied with the shading, soften it by gently pressing a tissue to an area of the drawing and rubbing, making sure not to blur the different areas together.