How Do You Find Sixth-Grade Level Books?


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Some examples of how to find sixth-grade-level books include the local library, the local school district summer reading list and a children's book site such as Scholastic.com. These sites have resources available to help children and their families find books suitable for their grade levels. Students can also ask their sixth-grade teachers for recommendations.

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One option for finding sixth-grade-level books is the local library. Some libraries, such as the Sarasota Springs Public Library, publish book recommendations on their website by grade level. To view the list of books, go to the library's home page, click on "Children" and then click on "Suggested Reading Lists." Then choose "6th grade" to see the most recent list of books.

Another option is the school district's suggested reading list for summer. For example, the Fairfax County Public Schools has the summer list online, as of 2015. To view the list, go to FCPS.edu and click on "Administration" and then "Instructional Programs" to get to the summer program website. Choose "6th grade" under "Summer Reading" to view the list.

Families can shop for books by grade from The Scholastic Store. To view and purchase sixth-grade-level books from Scholastic.com, go to the website and choose "6th Graders" under the "Shop by Grade" subheading in the "Books" drop-down menu.

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