How Does Sirius Satellite Radio Work?

Sirius Satellite Radio has satellites that receive programs, which the satellites then transmit to radio receivers on the ground. Satellite transmissions eliminate the static interference that can occur with traditional radio station broadcasts. Sirius Satellite Radio merged with XM Satellite Radio in 2008 and became Sirius XM. The company offers several different channel packages.

Content offered by Sirius XM includes music of every genre, sports play-by-play announcing, news and talk shows. A large portion of the content is commercial free. Sirius XM is available for vehicles, home radios, marine and aviation vehicles, computers and smartphones. Business subscriptions are also available.

To listen to Sirius XM, the listener must have a subscription and a device compatible with the service. Sirius XM offers monthly subscriptions, and the price varies depending on the channel package and extra features. Listeners can choose a channel package or create their own.

Satellite radio quality is comparable to the quality of a CD. Sirius XM uses ground repeaters in urban areas to prevent the signal from getting interrupted.

Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio used different technology in their receivers, so their receivers weren't compatible with the other company's signals. After the merger, Sirius XM began building a receiver for both signals, which became available in 2009.