What Is "The Singing Zone"?


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The Singing Zone is the home of the Bristow Voice Method for improving a singer's voice. The method teaches singers how to develop range, resonance, endurance, richness, power and strength in their voices. It also explains why singing traditional scales is ineffective and can even be counterproductive.

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This method is effective in improving the voices of beginner, hobby and professional singers of all ages. Teachers can also study the method for use with their students. Beginners learn to let go of their fear of not being able to sing, while professionals learn to get their voices in shape for important performances. They learn how to be at their best when performing under pressure.

Membership in The Singing Zone also provides ear, rhythm and music theory training and offers members access to a community of other singers of all levels. As of July 2015, singers in 132 countries have used this method.

Creator Per Bristow was a child prodigy musician and stage performer. He has performed in several musicals, bands, television shows and movies. He works as a voice coach in Los Angeles and has a background in anatomy, performance psychology, mental training techniques and nutrition, taking the Bristow Voice Method beyond traditional voice training methods.

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