What Does Simply June Think About Downton Abbey?

What Does Simply June Think About Downton Abbey?

Simply June thinks very highly of Downton Abbey and is a very big fan, as is evidenced by her blog. She has filled an entire page of her blog with links to the show so that her followers can watch the show for free or purchase the DVDs.

Simply June faithfully writes detailed reviews of all episodes of Downton Abbey and posts them on her blog. She accompanies the reviews with pictures of the characters in the series and often highlights them with video clips as well.

She also expresses her opinions of the show on other websites, such as resourcefulblogger.com, where she claims to be obsessed with Downton Abbey, and forums.welltrainedmind.com, where she has held discussions with her followers.

Simply June even carries her love for Downton Abbey over to her Facebook page, where she shares articles about the show, its characters and even its creator and show runner, Julian Fellowes. When followers of her Facebook page comment on the articles she shares, Simply June also chimes in with her feelings, emotional responses to plot points, and even predictions on what will happen next.

With all of the episodes of Downton Abbey at her disposal, Simply June has even mentioned on her blog that she has started from the beginning to watch them all again.