What Are Some Similarities Between Victor Frankenstein and His Creation?

Frankenstein and his creation both share a love of nature, particularly when they are upset or grieving, they both share a desire to learn, and they both seek revenge when they believe they've been treated wrongly by society. "Frankenstein" was published in 1818 by Mary Shelley as a Gothic novel.

Frankenstein admired nature and tried to imitate it by creating life. During a trip Frankenstein took to the mountains with a friend, he experienced nature as a soothing balm in the face of his own deep anxiety. Likewise, Frankenstein's creature was fascinated by spring and the beauty of nature's creations, despite his own horrid existence that he felt was not welcoming or beautiful. Both Frankenstein and his creation desired to learn more about their surroundings but came to believe knowledge was dangerous and full of negative consequences. Since both Frankenstein and the creature felt wronged by the other, even though they were of like mind on many things, they both felt justified when forming their individual plans for revenge against the other.