Are There Any Similarities Between the "Entourage" Movie and the "Entourage" TV Series?


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"Entourage" the movie and "Entourage" the television series share the same central characters, the same actors portraying the central characters, and the same storyline or a continuation of the storyline established during the series. The movie also continues the "Entourage" tradition of famous cameos, with guest appearances by Jessica Alba, David Arquette, Bob Saget and Andrew Dice Clay.

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Mark Wahlberg also contributes a cameo in "Entourage" the movie. Wahlberg is the executive producer of both the series and the movie, which are loosely based upon his rise-to-fame experiences in Hollywood.

The synopsis of the movie continues to follow the exploits and adventures of Vincent Chase as he navigates the glitzy terrain of Hollywood. Since the final episode of the last season ended with Ari Gold receiving an offer from John Ellis to become the chairman and CEO of Time Warner, "Entourage" the movie begins with Gold in the role of studio head and a chance for Chase to star in Gold's first studio production.

Chase, who married Sophia in Paris during the final episode of the series, divorces after nine days of marriage and agrees to star in the production. The ensuing plot twist and shenanigans inevitably recruit Chase's crew of friends -- the very entourage of the title. Similar to the predominant themes in the series, the movie alludes to the joys and pitfalls of male friendship and a Hollywood lifestyle.

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