Who Are Some Significant Scrimshaw Artists?

Who Are Some Significant Scrimshaw Artists?

Some of the most famous historic scrimshaw artists include Edward Burdett and Frederick Myrick. Famous modern scrimshanders include David Smith, Bob Hergert, Scot Kimel and Jeff Fozard.

Frederick Myrick and Edward Burdett were both born in Nantucket in 1805. Myrick went on whaling voyages and carved "Susan's Teeth," a series of 36 or more scrimshaws, which are some of the most famous scrimshaws that illustrate American whaling. Edward Burdett suffered an untimely death at sea in 1833.

As of 2015, David Smith has been working on scrimshaws for more than 20 years. He is known as a Master Scrimshander and has won many awards. He has also submitted his work to the American Art Museum Library at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Bob Hergert is known for producing intricately detailed scrimshaws. His creations, which depict nature, miniatures, portraits, nautical scenes and nudes, are often referred to as micro-scrimshaws because of their complex detailing.

In an interview with Scrimshaw.com, Scot Kimel said that he uses X-Acto blades and carbide scribes to create scrimshaws. He was inspired to make his own scrimshaws because he could not afford to buy them. He enjoys creating scrimshaws with nautical themes and portraits.

As of 2015, Jeff Fozard lives in northwestern Arkansas and has been creating scrimshaws for about six years. He works on bone, mammoth ivory and other ivories and displays his works at gun shows in the area. He has sold some works at auctions and has also done works on commission.