How Do You Find Showtimes for Muvico Theaters?

Showtime information for Muvico theaters is available at by clicking on the Showtimes link, entering a ZIP code in the search location box, selecting a search radius and a date, and then clicking Search. In addition to showtimes, the search results display the theater name and movie title.

Clicking on a movie title displays its synopsis, cast, length and rating. Ticket price information is available by clicking on the Pricing and Contact Info button. Clicking on a specific showtime allows the user to purchase tickets online and print them at home, or pick them up at a ticket kiosk.

Many individual theaters also have their own websites to display showtimes, upcoming movies, and other theater information. To find out whether your local Muvico theater has a website, search for the theater's name in an online search engine.

Muvico Theaters is a chain run by Amco Entertainment, LLC and is based in Florida. Muvico locations are characterized by their themed decor, such as an Egyptian style theater or a 1950s drive-in theater. Some locations also include bars and restaurants within the theater complex.