How Do You Find Showtimes for Movies That Cost a Dollar? allows you to view the showtimes for various dollar movies. Fandango also has a mobile app that shows movie theater showtimes. When searching for movie showtimes, you need to provide your location to see showtimes for local theaters. Dollar movies are only available at select movie theaters, such as some Regal and Cinemark Cinemas. Visiting a movie theater’s official website might also provide more information or offers for dollar movies.

As of 2015, Regal Cinemas provides a yearly special offer of one dollar films during the summertime. Regal’s official website provides more information and updates for the following year’s Summer Movie Express offer. allows users to also purchase movie tickets on its website. When visiting the website, customers can click on a desired showtime to purchase tickets.

Discount movie theaters show films at discounted admission price. Some of the theaters might even show films for as low as about a dollar for admission. The discount theaters are allowed to keep a larger share of ticket fees, which is why ticket prices are lower. Films shown at discount movie theaters are known as second-run movies. These movies are films that have been released for a longer time than the recently released films.