How Do You Find Showtimes for the Cinemark Redding 14?

How Do You Find Showtimes for the Cinemark Redding 14?

The showtimes for Cinemark Redding 14 and XD in Redding, California, are available on Cinemark's website. To reach the theater's main office, call (530) 223-7755 as of 2015.

The Cinemark website provides the most accurate list of its showtimes for each location. In addition, each location's page lists the theater's address and contact information as well as a detailed list of the different amenities available. The instructions below explain how to find the showtimes for Cinemark Redding 14 and XD.

  1. Navigate to Cinemark's website
  2. Use a Web browser to go to Cinemark's website.

  3. Search for the theater
  4. Type "Redding, California" in the "By City, State or ZIP code" search field located in the page header, and press "Enter."

  5. Choose the location
  6. Click the "Cinemark Redding 14 and XD" link listed under the "Get Tickets" tab.

  7. View showtimes
  8. The page will display the current showtimes. To see timings for other days, click on the link for a specific day of the week, or click "More" and choose a date from the calendar that is highlighted in red.

The theater offers different formats with its own timings depending on the movie, including Digital Cinema, XD RealD 3D and RealD 3D. Information about which movies will be released at the theater in the near future is available under the "Coming Soon" tab. Click the "Caption/Description" tab to find a list of what movies are currently available with closed captioning and descriptive narrating titles.