How Do You Find Showtimes for Cinemark Gulfport?

How Do You Find Showtimes for Cinemark Gulfport?

Customers can find the most accurate showtimes for Cinemark 16 in Gulfport, Mississippi, at the theater's official website. This information is also available at movie ticketing websites such as Fandango.

The page for Cinemark 16 of Gulfport, Mississippi, provides contact information, such as its address, phone number, fax number and email address, as well as a map, image of the theater's exterior and an overview of the facility's amenities. It also features advertisements for any valid special offers and details about upcoming movies. To find the theater's showtimes and purchase tickets, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit Cinemark's website
  2. Go to the official website for Cinemark with a browser.

  3. Search for the theater
  4. Type "Gulfport, Mississippi" in the "By City, State or ZIP code" search field at the top of the page, and press the "Enter" key. The page will display the search results under the "Get Tickets" tab. Click the "Cinemark 16" link to open the page for the Cinemark location in Gulfport.

  5. View the showtimes
  6. The page displays current showtimes by default. To view the showtimes for another day, click the day name or click "More" to select a date from the calendar. Each movie is listed with its timings, and if a timing is clickable, then it is still possible to purchase tickets for it.

  7. Purchase tickets
  8. Click the desired showtime, select the quantity of tickets and click the "Add to Cart" button. The shopping cart will display an overview of the movie selected and the total price. Click the "Check Out" button to proceed. Sign in with an existing account or register to purchase with an account. Click "Guest Checkout" to purchase the tickets without an account. Complete the personal information and credit card information and click the "Place Your Order" button to finalize the purchase.