What Shows Are on VOA Persian TV?

As of 2015, VOA Persian TV airs over 70 shows, including "Minutes with Max Amini," "Tablet," "Parazit" and "OnTen." It also airs television specials as well as national and international news as a service of the U.S. government.

"Minutes with Max Amini" is a comedy show exclusively for VOA. Starting in 2015, it features one of the most famous Farsi-speaking comedians. It is family friendly and focuses on younger audiences. Amini appears in television and film, and he headlines live shows in many countries, including England, Australia and Malaysia. As of September 2015, several of his performances are on YouTube.

"Tablet" is another new show as of 2015 that focuses on the unique cultural and social issues of young people in Iran and the United States. Masih Alinejad hosts the 15-minute prime-time show. Its producer is Saman Arbabi, who was also the producer of "Parazit" and "OnTen," VOA Persian's two most successful TV shows.

Both "Parazit" and "OnTen" were weekly half-hour satire shows. However, whereas "Parazit" was a television show that poked fun at Iranian politics, "OnTen" was a news show broadcast that explored current domestic as well as international political and social issues. "Parazit" premiered in November 2011, and its last episode was broadcast in February 2012 after completing three seasons. "OnTen" debuted in May 2012, and after completing two seasons, it continues to air as of September 2015.