What Are Some Shows on PowerBlock TV?

What Are Some Shows on PowerBlock TV?

PowerBlock TV features shows such as "HorsePower," "Xtreme 4x4," "Trucks," "MuscleCar" and "Search and Restore," as of 2016. Other shows on the channel include "Top Dead Center," "Off Road Action," "Year Make Model" and "2-Minute Tech."

"HorsePower" is a how-to auto show that offers ways to improve vehicle power and efficiency through mechanical modifications. The show’s hosts, Joe Elmore and Mike Galley, introduce various street machines and share tips and tricks on maximizing vehicle performance. The show mainly targets street machine owners, racers and hot rodders.

"Trucks" is an instructional show covering street trucks. The show highlights modifications and customizations of new and classic, domestic and import sport utility vehicles, pickups and diesel vehicles. The show also covers events such as lifestyle truck-ins, custom shows, new truck tests and race shows.

"Xtreme 4x4" focuses on off-road vehicles, sand buggies, trail rigs and lifted pickups. The show features four-wheel drive truck projects and off-road events. "MuscleCar" is an original how-to series on rebuilding, painting, restoring and modifying classic V8 American muscle cars. The show also offers vehicle history and statistics.

PowerBlock TV is a part of RTM Productions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raycom Media. The channel offers automotive how-to programs targeting vehicle enthusiasts.