What Are Some Shows That Air on Telemundo?

"La Voz Kids," "Caso Cerrado" and "Suelta La Sopa" are some popular shows that air on Telemundo. The Spanish language channel also airs shows such as "Un Nuevo Dia" and "Al Rojo Vivio."

"La Voz Kids" is a Spanish language spin-off of the popular American reality television singing competition "The Voice." "La Voz Kids" has a similar format, but vocally talented kids are the competitors. Popular Latin music artists such as Daddy Yankee and Natalia act as judges on "La Voz Kids."

"Caso Cerrado" is a pseudo-reality television talk show based on the legal arbitration of lawyer Ana Maria Polo. Every episode, new volunteers come to her with new, often outrageous cases. Ana Maria Polo weighs in on each case and attempts to talk through the situation with both sides of the argument.

"Suelta La Sopa" is an entertainment news show. Each episode, the show's presenters discuss entertainment news, such as new movie releases and celebrity gossip. While the show includes news about the wider entertainment world, its focus is primarily on Latin entertainers.

"Un Nuevo Dia" is a morning talk show that delivers news from around the world to its viewers. The show features a wide variety of human interest pieces and breaking news stories.