What Show Times Are Generally the Most Popular for Movie Theaters in Malls?


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Show times between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon are the most popular in U.S. movie theaters. This time period is most popular primarily because children and teenagers do not have to go to school and many adults do not have to work on the weekend.

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Other factors can make certain days more popular to moviegoers. For example, if the weather on a particular day does not allow people to partake in outdoor activities, more people go to the movie theater. Also, show times on holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving, are very popular since many people are on vacation from school or work.

The movies themselves also determine which show times are most popular in a given theater. Movies on their opening weekend have more popular show times than movies that have been out for several weeks. If a movie has been heavily advertised, well reviewed or highly anticipated by the public, its show times are even more popular on opening weekend.

The most popular show times during the week are usually in the afternoon as well. Night showings are not as popular during the week because most children, teenagers and adults must go to school or work the next morning.

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