What Was the Show Jackie Chan Adventures About?


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“Jackie Chan Adventures” is about Chan and his family fighting a criminal organization to obtain 12 magic talismans. Each talisman contains a specific power that has the ability to release an evil spirit. The show is an animated series starring a fictionalized version of action film star Jackie Chan. The show broadcasted five seasons with 95 episodes and aired from 2000 to 2005. During its run, the series aired on several networks, such as Cartoon Network and Disney XD.

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The series begins by introducing Chan as an amateur archeologist for a local university. He later finds a shield containing a talisman and runs into the Dark Hand, a criminal organization led by Valmont and guided by the spirit Shendu. Chan and his family later create a secret law enforcement, called Section 13, to counter the Dark Hand. The family must then face several adventures and dangers that demand Chan’s martial arts skills.

Throughout the show, the series features references to Chan’s films and his personal life. Chan also claims that some characters in the show are based on certain people in his life. His uncle in the series is based on his father and Jade is based on an assortment of his nieces. Chan further mentions that Tohru is based on himself and one of his stunt team members.

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