What Is the Show "The Dead Files" About?

What Is the Show "The Dead Files" About?

"The Dead Files" is a reality show about a medium and a retired NYPD homicide detective. They travel across America to solve unexplained paranormal cases. Amy Allan is the medium, and Steve is the retired detective featured on the series. "The Dead Files" airs on the Travel Channel.

Each episode of "The Dead Files" revolves around Amy and Steve using separate methods to investigate the haunted location of the week. The last segment of each episode shows Amy and Steve discussing their findings with the location occupant.

Amy uses her medium skills to communicate with any spirits in the location. Meanwhile, Steve researches to find information on the history of the building. He also interviews anyone who claims to have experienced a paranormal phenomena while in it.

Amy sometimes consults a sketch artist, who helps her reimagine the entity in the building. Before Amy enters the location, Matthew Anderson, her assistant and cameraman, removes any items that might distract or influence her readings.

"The Dead Files" began in September 2011. As of 2015, seven seasons have aired. Some of the locations visited by Amy and Steve are Grass Valley, California; Lake Jackson, Texas; Butte, Montana; and Mayfield, Kentucky.

"The Dead Files" streams free episodes of the current season on TravelChannel.com. Select episodes are available to purchase on Amazon Video, iTunes and Google Play.