What Was the Show "On the Cover" About?

What Was the Show "On the Cover" About?

"On the Cover" was a game show that featured contestants competing against each other to identify people, places and things on the covers of CDs, DVDs and other items.. The show featured host Mark Wahlberg and announcer Mitch Lewis.

The game proceeded in a three-round format. The first round involved answering which celebrities appeared on the covers of various items.

The second round involved a panel of three covers. The lowest scoring contestant was given first choice to answer a question related to what appeared on the selected cover. Each correctly identified cover would be replaced with a new cover, while the two unselected covers increased in point value.

The third round involved a panel of parody covers. Contestants were asked to identify the celebrities contained in these parody images.

In the bonus round, the contestant with the highest score was shown a grid of nine covers that concealed a large, mystery cover. The contestant was given 20 seconds to identify the subject of each of the nine covers, which would incrementally reveal the large, mystery cover. At the end of the 20 seconds, if the contestant was able to correctly state the subject of the mystery cover, the contestant was given a grand prize. Otherwise, the contestant received a consolation prize.