What Is the Show "Cooking at Home With Dan Eaton" About?

What Is the Show "Cooking at Home With Dan Eaton" About?

The show "Cooking at Home with Dan Eaton" is a show on New York 1 that's about creating upscale restaurant recipes at home in a normal kitchen. The show explores recipes from around the world and features special recipes depending on the season and holiday, and it often features recipes that use whiskey, wine or beer.

Some popular recipes featured on "Cooking at Home with Dan Eaton" are venison medallions with dried cranberries and gin, prosciutto-crusted chicken with tomato vodka sauce, sautéed shrimp with green onions, tomatoes and whiskey cream sauce, and warm chocolate cakes with coffee and whiskey.

"Cooking at Home with Dan Eaton" also hosts special shows that visit restaurants, distilleries and vineyards.

Dan Eaton, the host of "Cooking at Home with Dan Eaton," is a self-taught chef that has worked in major Rochester, New York restaurants such as Rio Bamba, Rooney's, The Rochester Club and Max of Eastman Place. Dan Eaton grew up on a farm in Vermont where he developed his love of cooking with seasonal ingredients. He attended Alfred Sate College, and he also trained with upscale chefs including David Bouley, Thomas Keller and Richard Reddington.

"Cooking at Home with Dan Eaton" first premiered on YNN in Rochester in March 2005.