What Is the Show "Barney & Friends" About?


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“Barney & Friends” is an educational television program intended for young children that teaches messages through songs and dance routines. The show’s main character is a purple tyrannosaurs rex, named Barney, who helps teach life lessons in a nurturing way. The show takes place at a school where children are seen doing an activity related to the episode’s topic. With the use of imagination, the children help transform a plush toy of Barney into the real life character.

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After Barney helps the children learn a topic, he sings the “I Love You” song before transforming back to a plush toy. The show then concludes with the “Barney Says” segment where Barney narrates a recap of the episode. In 2009, the show ended production with reruns airing on several PBS stations. As of 2015, all of the show’s episodes are available for streaming on Netflix and the Play Kids TV app.

Occasionally, Barney friends, B.J. and Baby Bop, appear to help him with his teachings. B.J. usually appears when he’s looking for something he has lost or simply to help out and play games. Baby Bop normally carries a blanket wherever she goes and is B.J.’s little sister. In 2006, B.J. and Baby Bop’s cousin Riff joined the show and usually incorporates music with everything he does.

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