How Should You Write a Secret Pal Reveal Poem?

should-write-secret-pal-reveal-poem Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

A secret pal reveal poem should end with the writer's name, and it should include at least one rhyming line. For instance, for someone named Carrie, they could write a poem like the following: "I've been leaving you gifts like a quiet fairy But now, it's time to tell you that I'm Carrie"

If it is hard to find words that rhyme with a name, writers can use a shortened version of the name or a nickname. For instance, Victoria does not rhyme with many words, but Vicky rhymes with a lot of words. Alternatively, writers could include their job title or a personal description after their name to make rhyming easier. For example, a writer could write the following:

"I've been leaving you gifts without a name

But now you should know I'm Vicky the dame"

Online rhyming tools that generate lists of rhyming words can be helpful during the writing process. Unfortunately, most of these rhyming dictionaries do not include names, and thus, writers must start with a word that rhymes with their name. For instance, for a writer named Pete, he should put a word like beat into the rhyming tool.

A secret pal reveal poem can follow any structure. It does not have to rhyme. Writers could even write a haiku. The important part is to reveal something about the writer.