How Should You Write a Poem for an Unborn Grandchild?

should-write-poem-unborn-grandchild Credit: M Sundstrom/CC-BY-2.0

Write a poem for an unborn grandchild to read at a baby shower or other special event. Include your reaction when you found out about becoming a grandparent, as well as your hopes for your future relationship with your grandchild.

  1. Start by addressing your unborn grandchild

    State the name of the baby the poem is for, if known, or simply start by saying the poem is for your unborn grandchild. Express the love you already have in your heart for the soon-to-be newest addition to your family.

  2. Add your personal feelings about being a grandparent

    Write down how overjoyed you were to find out you were going to have a grandchild and how you hugged and kissed the mommy and daddy. Use sentences of around the same length, to keep the poem flowing smoothly when read out loud.

  3. Share your hope for the future

    Continue writing down about how you are looking forward to future time with the unborn baby, such as sleepovers, park outings and other bonding experiences. Share wishes, such as happiness and adventure, you have for the baby.

  4. Edit your poem

    Go back over your poem and edit sentences that do not flow smoothly, by reading it out loud to see how it sounds. Shorter sentences place emphasis on a line, while a longer stanza naturally reads quicker.