Why Should You Put Your Newspaper on Hold for Vacation?


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Putting the newspaper on hold before a vacation is a good safety measure for preventing a home robbery. Piled up newspapers indicate that the homeowner is gone and serves as an invitation for thieves to break in and take their time robbing the place.

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There are other reasons beyond theft prevention to place a newspaper subscription on hold before going on vacation. The hold helps keep the front of the home looking tidy, especially if the homeowner is planning on a long absence. It can also keep unwanted newspapers from going to waste as some companies donate unwanted papers.

Most newspapers make it easy to place a vacation hold on a subscription. The subscriber may call the newspaper's customer service line to place the hold or even go online to the newspaper's website to fill out a vacation hold form. The information required varies from company to company, but usually includes the subscribers' address, name, and length of time for the hold. There may also be options for donating unused newspapers to a local organization during the hold period, getting a credit for the hold period on the subscriber's account or simply having all of the held newspapers delivered at once at the end of the vacation hold.

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