What Should You Include on a Timeline of Henry Ford's Life?


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A timeline of Henry Ford's life should include such essential dates, such as his birth July 30, 1863, and the date when he established the Ford Motor Company with Alexander Malcolmson, June 16, 1903. The month when he first introduced the famous Model T, October 1908, should also be included, as should the date of his death on April 7, 1947.

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Timeline writers should consider adding various dates indicating Ford's ultimate interest in engineering. For example, in December 1879, Ford first left his Michigan farm to work with machinery in Detroit. In June 1896, after two years of development in a tiny shed, Ford produced his first functioning automobile, the Quadricycle. Notes on Ford's personal life are also important, such as the April 11, 1888, marriage to his wife Clara, and the November 6, 1893, birth of his son Edsel, for whom the infamous car was later named.

Writers should also indicate wider eras of Ford and his company's output, including the period between 1903 and 1908, when nine different models were introduced: A, B, AC, C, F, K, N, R and S. Additionally, fall of 1913 saw Ford Motors begin operating the first moving automobile assembly line in the world. Finally, add several dates placing Ford's life into a larger historical context, such as October 29, 1929, the day of the catastrophic stock market crash and the initiation of the Great Depression.

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