What Should You Include in a Doctor's Biography?

For a doctor's biography, write in third person and in short paragraphs, and be sure to include details on the person's education, relevant experience and qualifications. Keep the text to a few short paragraphs, and try to highlight important details with bullet points.

Before writing a bio, consider the audience and how you want them to view the doctor. The tone should be professional, but also accessible and approachable in order to attract patients and business. The biography for the medical practice's website is going to be different than the one that you submit to medical journals and book publishers.

For the sake of brevity, keep work experience and qualifications relevant to the doctor's current position. Write a brief paragraph that includes information on college and medical degrees as well as any additional training or certifications that are relevant. You can also include any special awards or memberships to professional organizations.

To make it personal, add an interesting fact about the doctor or include something personal, such as a future goal, hobby or unique talent. To further connect with new patients or prospective employers, add a professional photograph.

Periodically check and update the biography as needed for freshness and relevancy. Add any new accomplishments, specialities or certifications as they develop.