How Should Book Club Questions Be Structured?


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Structure questions for book club meetings to spark discussion. Questions that are open-ended encourage people to continue discussing the book, while questions that are answerable with a yes or no cut off the discussion.

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How Should Book Club Questions Be Structured?
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One example of an open-ended question that could spark discussion for book club is asking how the title relates to the book. Other questions for fiction books include asking how believable the characters are, what motivates the characters and what the strengths and weaknesses of the book were overall.

Questions for book club can also encourage thinking outside of the book. For example, a question asking book club attendees to speculate on the author's world view based on the theme of the book could spark a discussion. Likewise, attendees could speculate how the story continues after the book ends.

Some book clubs read non-fiction books. For these types of books, the questions are often different. For example, questions often relate to the overall purpose of the book. Likewise, questions can ask readers how the language of the book impacted their understanding of the topic.

Another option for sparking book club discussions is reading a selected passage from the book. Attendees then comment on the language, the effectiveness or other aspects of the passage as it relates to the book.

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